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Core Values



Our most valuable asset. We build honesty, transparency, and strong ethical and moral principles in all we do. We do the right thing even when no one is looking. 


To fight against social injustice takes courage, even if you're behind the camera. Courage gives us the mental fortitude to produce film content in the face of adversity. We inhale courage and exhale fear.



Diversity and inclusion makes us a better organization because we can harnesses the power of different cultural perspectives and ideas. This is vital to the filmmaking process. We respect and value differences in race, gender, age, ethnic background, physical abilities, education, and religion.

Everyone has value.


Justice is a moral value in law and politics. We must recognize the inequities of the past, and the systemic affects it has on people today. Our work is designed to help bring forth social equity, equality and justice for all. 

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